"We are so confident of our program that we GAURANTEE that you will at least double your reading efficiency or your tuition is reimbursed — no questions asked!"

— Allan Goldin, President and Creator.

The POWER READING Program Really Works!


Kinetic Advanced Learning's Most Powerful Program is EASY, FUN and GUARANTEED!
The Power Reading Program will CUT YOUR READING TIME IN HALF.

STOP losing focus while reading.
STOP becoming sleepy or distracted when studying.
STOP reading slowly.

START remembering twice as much in half the time.
START breezing through text books and text heavy materials.
START reading as fast as you can think!


The Power Reading Program is so educationally sound that we will refund your tuition if you do not double your reading efficiency!


Life is getting faster. Text messaging, uploading, downloading, media, websites, critical deadlines, savvy competition and the everyday demands at school and work all make your world the fast-paced, well informed place you love. Too bad you still read virtually the same way you read in kindergarten. It's time to change. Learn how to read more in less time. Cut your reading time in half.


Our students regularly triple and quadruple their reading speed and understand even more a fraction of the time! The over 46,000 students who have taken the Power Reading program know the secret of reading less and knowing more. Become a student NOW!.

The Concept:

Most students read between 150-250 words per minute with a 60% comprehension rate. After the 8-10 hour Power Reading program, students read an average of 550-750 words per minute with 75% comprehension.

The Benefits:

  • Get out of the library and on with your life—study more efficiently and perform better on tests.
  • Expand your knowledge in a subject area and become an expert. Don't just read a chapter, devour an entire book! Don't stop at one book, read seven in the time it used to take you to read one.
  • Stop falling asleep and get focused.
  • Spend less time studying and have more time for yourself.
  • Get better grades with less effort.
  • Impress your teachers, friends and family with your new abilities.


How Does It Work?

The Power Reading program and our expert coaches are flexible. The Power Reading program works for you, when you need it and where it is convenient. This course will give you all the tools you need to read faster and comprehend more than you ever thought possible.

WHO: Persons seeking to gain an edge in school or on the job. Ideal ages are 10-100. If you are a student, a busy professional, an educator or principal or need to get gain an advantage in reading in a whole new way, then this is the perfect program.
WHERE: For no extra cost, we bring a class right to your space: school, college, office, dorm, etc. We also offer regular classes at our central office in Northfield, IL (twenty minutes from downtown Chicago). We have the ability to go anywhere in the continental United States! Our executive staff can tailor a program just for your group at your location with simple and skilled planning.
WHEN: Classes are offered regularly on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in Northfield. Classes can be created on almost any timeline.
LENGTH: The Power Reading Course is 8-10 action-packed hours of dynamic instruction.


The results are guaranteed and the skills last a lifetime. After teaching this course for over 15 years to over 46,000 students, from 10 years old to seasoned professionals, we know the absolute validity of this skill is undeniable. The Power Reading program is so educationally sound that we guarantee that you will at least double your reading efficiency or we will refund your tuition — no questions asked.

Check Out Our Results

Northwestern University:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 251
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 74%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 677
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 87%

University of Illinois at Chicago:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 217
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 49%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 515
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 75%

DePaul University:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 254
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 45%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 564
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 80%

Power Reading Has Serious Roots

Allan Goldin, founder and creator of Kinetic Advanced Learning, spent fifteen years with the famous Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics program as a teacher, owner and president. For the past fifteen years, Mr. Goldin has been teaching his own Power Reading program which has affected over 46,000 students in top Fortune 500 companies, leading college campuses and in dozens of Chicago Public Schools. Students rave that these skills have completely changed their approach to reading, studying and mastering information. From elementary school to medical school to top executives, the secrets taught in a mere 10 hours have the ability to revolutionize the way people approach written materials.

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