"We are so confident of our program that we GUARANTEE that you will at least double your reading efficiency or your tuition is reimbursed — no questions asked!"

— Allan Goldin, President and Creator.

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You Will Double Your Reading Speed With Better Comprehension In 8 Hours — GUARANTEED!

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University of Illinois at Chicago:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 217
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 49%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 515
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 75%

DePaul University:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 254
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 45%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 564
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 80%

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Our Power Courses help students achieve their academic goals. Our most popular course, The Power Reading program, is a 10 hour course designed and proven to change the way you read forever. An expert coach will teach you the secrets that were never taught to you in school. Best of all, it is convenient, easy and affordable! Find a class near you or on your campus!

  • Cut your study time in half.
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  • Read three books in the time that it now takes you to read one.

Not only is it possible but our Power Reading Course is proven, guaranteed and easy. Expect nothing less from a company that has been helping students of all ages for over 15 years!


The Power Reading Program is so educationally sound that we will refund your tuition if you do not double your reading efficiency!

  • Go from C’s to A’s.
  • Finish all your required reading in half the time.
  • Make reading pleasurable.
  • Improve your focus.
  • Reduce your study time.
  • Stop mind wandering.
  • Eliminate word-by-word reading.
  • Gain academic confidence.
  • Get better test scores.
  • Read as fast as you can think.
  • Get ahead in your career.


Our programs get better results than any CD/Tape/DVD Programs. Period.

Reading is a skill just like hitting a baseball, learning to type or driving a car. Most people who buy programs to learn skills never complete the programs. That's why professional athletes have coaches to help them improve their skills, even if they are the best in the world.

  • You can't learn to swim by watching a video.
  • You can't learn to drive a car by listening to an audio tape.
  • You can't learn to ride a bike by using a CD/ROM
  • You can't learn to speed read with excellent comprehension without a master coach.

Speed learning is a skill. Skills are best learned through dynamic and excellent coaching and effective practicing. Our Power Courses will teach you the skills necessary to read faster, comprehend better and recall more information than you ever thought possible... with a master coach! It's better. It's faster. It's cheaper.

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The Power Reading Course is the Premier Leader in Speed Reading and Comprehension Programs in the Chicagoland Area and Beyond.

Allan Goldin, creator of Kinetic Advanced Learning programs was the former president and owner of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics . He has taught programs to astronauts at NASA and has been invited to share his skill and experience at the White House. Mr. Goldin has been written up in TIME Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. For the last fifteen years, the dynamic team at KAL has been teaching this exhilarating course, in the U. S. and abroad, and has changed the way over 20,000 college students, on dozens of college campuses, read and study. The Power Reading Program has been taught at Fortune 500 Companies such as GE, Walgreens and Texas Instruments and has had amazing results in over 60 Public Schools. Our customized approach and proven results show how much we care about our students.