"We are so confident of our program that we GUARANTEE that you will at least double your reading efficiency or your tuition is reimbursed — no questions asked!"

— Allan Goldin, President and Creator.

Kinetic Corporate Workshops

Gain An Edge. Get Ahead.

  • Cut Your Reading Time In Half!
  • Easily Keep Up On Market Trends.
  • Spend Less Time Studying for Certification.
  • Take Industry Exams Better.
  • Stay On Top of Reports.
  • Research in Half the Time with Twice the Knowledge.
  • Conquer the Competition with Industry Expertise.
  • Increase Office Efficiency and STOP WASTING TIME.
  • Save Money.

Knowledge is Power and Time is Money

The world of successful business is fueled by sharp and savvy companies who know their industry inside and out. Take-charge business people are well-versed in the past, present and all-important future. They know their competition and their research dictates their next move. And most importantly, time is of the essence.

It’s time to gain the ultimate advantage by equipping your team with the ability to cut their reading time in half. Learn the secrets of Power Reading in just 8 hours in one or two business days and increase your team’s efficiency. We come to you! Invite us to your board room and let us help you create a stronger, faster, more informed team TODAY!

Power Reading Credentials

Allan Goldin, former president and teacher of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics for over fifteen years has created a top tier program specifically designed for business professionals. Now carefully trained, dynamic coaches help your team reach their target goals in less time than ever before. Taught to over 46,000 people, the Power Reading program has helped thousands in the professional world. Small firms, big practices and Fortune 500 Companies have all benefited from Kinetic’s Power Reading Course right in the comfort of their own location.

Just a few of our past clients include…

  • General Electric
  • Caterpillar
  • McDonalds
  • Texas Instruments
  • Insurance Companies
  • Auditors
  • Finance Executives
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Entrepreneurs

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