"We are so confident of our program that we GUARANTEE that you will at least double your reading efficiency or your tuition is reimbursed — no questions asked!"

— Allan Goldin, President and Creator.

At The Power Reading Program...
College Students are #1!

Our 8 Hour Course (2 Four Hour Classes) Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your College Experience. The Best Kept Secret on Campus is Learning to Cut Your Reading Time in Half While Increasing Comprehension and Retention. Guaranteed — Or Your Money Back!

Proven Results At Schools Like Yours

Northwestern University:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 251
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 74%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 677
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 87%

University of Illinois at Chicago:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 217
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 49%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 515
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 75%

DePaul University:

  • Beginning Words Per Minute: 254
  • Beginning Comprehension Rate: 45%
  • After Class Words Per Minute: 564
  • After Class Comprehension Rate: 80%


Every college student must read to be successful. For over fifteen years, the Power Reading Program has been changing the way students approach their classroom experience. Students have more confidence, get better grades and have more time for fun and friends.

  • Re-gain focus and concentration when reading. Learning to focus will automatically eliminate a huge chunk of unproductive study time.
  • Never re-read a paragraph, a page or even a chapter again!
  • Don't be overwhelmed with heavy workloads. Learn to cut study time in half.
  • Make friends envious -- stay out all night and we don't mean in the library.

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Grades matter. They can land you the right job or get you the scholarship. Your time matters, too. College is a once in a lifetime chance for you to make friends, socialize or invest in an internship.

Imagine studying less, but more effectively and getting better grades. It is time to invest in yourself. Our Power Courses are a college student’s best friend. Best of all-- they’re EASY and FUN!

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