"We are so confident of our program that we GUARANTEE that you will at least double your reading efficiency or your tuition is reimbursed — no questions asked!"

— Allan Goldin, President and Creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Kinetic Advanced Learning

About Power Reading

About Kinetic Advanced Learning

Q: Who should take the Power Reading Program?

A: Any student 7th grade through graduate school, any professional, good readers as well as poor readers, can benefit from the Power Reading Program. You will learn reading and comprehension techniques that will change the way you read, study and learn making you more successful as a student or professional.

Q: How long has Kinetic Advanced Learning existed?

A: Kinetic Advanced Learning (formerly known solely as "Power Reading") has been teaching students for over fifteen years. Tens of thousands of students have learned the secret of cutting their study time in half.

Q: Who started Kinetic Advanced Learning?

A: Allan Goldin, the former president of Evelyn Woods Reading Dynamics, realized that everyone needs more time. Creating a program that will help students reach their reading potential could change their entire educat6ional and professional experience. Mr. Goldin's biography can be found in About Us.

Q: What makes Kinetic Advanced Learning different from other speed reading programs?

A: Kinetic has the most experience helping students reach their goals in speed and comprehension in the industry. With over thirty years of history, Mr. Goldin has continued to improve and expand the effects of the Power Reading and Power Learning techniques. Taught on numerous college campuses, throughout public schools and in Fortune 500 companies, the secrets taught are GUARANTEED! Virtually no other program offers exceptional, on-site coaching. There are plenty of books, CDs, DVDs or tapes that claim to change you into a super reader, but our specially trained and experienced coaches are right alongside you to help you meet your goals. Now that's service!

Q: What qualifications do Kinetic coaches have?

A: Our coaches are the face of Kinetic Advanced Learning. Our rigorous training program ensures that our coaches are experts in their subject matter. Many of our coaches have commanding resumes boasting years of teaching experience and a superb academic career.

Q: Does Kinetic Advanced Learning offer classes in other states?

A: Currently KAL conducts classes in the continental United States and Mexico. Contact Us if you would like more information!

Q: Where can I take a course?

A: Courses are offered on or near your campus, at our central location in Northfield, IL or at a guest site. A guest site is a location that is used for special promotions. Contact Us for more information or see our Calendar to find a course near you!

Q: When can I take a course?

A: Classes are continually offered 12 months a year in a variety of locations. Conveniently find scheduled courses on our calendar.

Q: What is the cost?

A: Tuition for college students starts at $199 and for adults and professionals at $299. Check our site for specials!

About Power Reading:

Q: How does Power Reading work?

A: Power Reading teaches you the secret of reading as fast as you can think. Just like riding a bike or typing, reading is a skill that must be developed through practice. Power Reading will teach you new techniques for increasing your reading rate that you have never before learned in school. Practicing these new techniques will allow you to read anywhere from 500-2000 words per minute (WPM).

Q: What about comprehension and recall?

A: Your comprehension and recall actually improve when you read faster, because you concentrate better. The slower you read the more time your mind has to wander.

Q: How will this help me in school?

A: Power Reading will teach you to read 2-5 times faster (average of 4.7) than your current reading rate. You will learn techniques that will cut your study time in half while allowing you to absorb more material.

Q: Can I make further improvements on my reading efficiency after the program?

A: Yes. Students have achieved reading rates as high as 3,000 WPM. Your speed is dependent on how much you practice.

Q: How long is the program?

A: The program is approximately 8-10 hours in length. This can be comprised of two 4 hour sessions for college students or adult learners or eight 1 hour sessions for students in 7th-12th grade (Course length can be tailored to the needs of the middle school or high school schedule.)

Q: Will Power Reading help me take tests?

A: Yes. Improving your reading efficiency means that you will be able to read faster, understand more, and remember the information longer. Developing these skills will help you take tests with confidence.

Q: Will this course help me understand difficult material?

A: Yes. The program is specifically geared for those who wish to excel at specific or complicated subject matter.

Q: Do you GUARANTEE results?

A: Yes. Power Reading is so educationally sound that we guarantee a full refund if you do not at least double your reading efficiency. Reading efficiency is calculated by multiplying your reading rate by your comprehension rate.